13:27:363:2020  Michael Two-Feathers

Regarding the Covid-19 Virus:

Greetings to all of our Community/Extended Family. Because of the recent news and the changes in our daily lives, we would like to encourage you, our family, to follow the guidelines that the medical community is providing to protect yourselves, your families, the Elders and our Immune Compromised Relatives. It is a very difficult time for us because our different ceremonial gatherings should be limited or even canceled to protect all of us from this easily transmitted virus. I know it is going to be a very challenging time to postpone these community ceremonial gatherings, but we should look at it in the long term. The Well Being of our loved ones depends on our self discipline and integrity. My feelings and experiences have taught me to Never doubt the Power of our Prayer. Each of us carries that Power. So, even though many are choosing to self isolate as much as possible, we can still have our Personal Ceremony of Prayer for each other, for continued health and happiness and the ability to listen to the stories/teachings of our Old Ones/Ancestors. All of this includes those 7 Teachings that the Old Man shared with all the People. Our Prayers continue for each of you, especially during this time of Helping Each Other (Okichiapo) to reduce the spread of the Virus.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

Michael Two Feathers